Richard Kellum

Richard Kellum is a novelist living in London. He writes about the shadows of the here and now because sometimes the creatures who inhabit those realms stick their tongues out at us, and they, being egotistical and (if we're being honest) rather needy, demand that someone glorify such actions by reporting them in fictive prose to the general human population. Otherwise, said creatures have promised Richard that they intend to reach deeper into our dimension and touch us with hands that feel thinly coated with chilly mud. They've speculated on the joys of hiding in our trees and mesmerizing us with song. Richard sincerely hopes they won't go so far as cracking open our skulls and licking our brains. But they've joked about it and, with these guys, you never can tell.

This is Richard's website. He doesn't have much on it right now, but he's happy for it to sit here, though admittedly it's rather blank. Someday he may add more content, perhaps even move his blog here (if he can get around to more a more ambitious blogging schedule). But right now, he's busy writing a new novel, so doesn't have time for much else.

Oh, and the picture at the side, that depicts him all fresh-faced and smiling? Yeah, it's years out of date. Since it was taken, Richard has passed through further of time's abrasions, trafficked with greater demons, and held concourse with beings terrible and fair under the silver moon. This has left him with grey streaks in his hair and beard (yes, he has a beard now, but who knows when that might change).

Richard hopes you'll check back here from time to time and listen for the music of the creatures hiding in the trees, because if he doesn't finish that novel soon, the trees near your home is where those creatures will go. They've said so. They've said they will sing for you from the branches when it rains, or when the full moon shines on your bedroom window.

In the meantime, Richard wishes you a happy Halloween, no matter the time of year, because, well, Halloween, right?

Copyright Richard Kellum 2010. All rights reserved.

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